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Arch and Wiggle Coffee Mug


These sweet little mugs can we used for all drinking beverages from hot to cold. Ceramics makes a great insulator, keeping beverages at the temp they need to be. I make every part of these mugs from throwing them on the pottery wheel to decorating and glazing them. Love on these little lads. 

They are thrown with a stoneware clay coated with a layer of porcelain slip, then decorated with carving, underglaze and glaze. Each piece varies slightly in size and design.

-Holds approximately 8 fluid ounces

-Measures Height: about 3 inches in height

Width: about 5 inches in width

Depth: (diameter)about 3 inches in the opening

These pieces are food safe, lead-free and microwave safe, for longer lasting quality I recommend hand washing (if you're like me, and swear by a dishwasher just use the top shelf).

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