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Ceramic Supplies List

Ceramic Tools for Intermediate Pottery. A Checklist of the Pottery Tools that are Helpful for Beginners

I'm a firm believer that you do not need to start an art practice with all the tools. I center my teaching style with keeping ceramics financially accessible and only making purchases when you are ready to jump to the next step in your art practice. Here are the ceramics supplies I do recommend beyond the basic starter kit most pottery classes provide. 

This is for those who have been doing pottery for little while and looking to boost their toolkit or create a ceramics studio at home on a budget. 

*Disclaimer this post contain some links where I receive a small commission. I only suggest products I am currently obsessed with and this helps me provide content without a paywall. For more details read my privacy policy


Ceramic Pottery Wheel, white and blue brand is Shimpo model is VL-Lite


Pottery Wheel 

I use the Shimpo VL-Light model in my own practice and it's the pottery wheel I teach students on. This wheel is the most affordable model. It is light weight- so you can physically carry it on your own. Great model of renters who might move every couple years. Or if you want to throw ceramics outside when it is sunny and back in with the rain. The only down side is if you are consistently throwing clay overs 8lbs it starts to rock a little. Best to get a higher grade model in that case!


Kemper Loop Carving Tool

Kemper Carving Tool

This is my all-time favorite carving tool for ceramics. It leaves very little extra scraps of clay around your line work. The rounded wire is sturdy and smooth enough to get fine detail work. A must-have!


Kemper Pro Line Ceramics Trimming Tools

Kemper Pro Line 300 Tools 

These are a little pricier on the loop tool spectrum, however I've tried so many cheaper options for my ceramics looptools, but I think these are the best. Clean crisp cuts and longer life span 


Stack of AMACO Velvet Underglaze Series

Amaco Velvet Underglazes Series

The Amaco Velvet Underglaze Series is by far the most reliable and stable underglaze I've used. Goes on smooth and has vibrant colors. Ofcourse you always want to test the colors on your specific clay or slip. I'd recommend starting with a set or individual colors of the 2 oz containers. Once you find colors you love then invest in the pint size.



Speedball underglaze palette Speedball Underglaze Series 

I have better results with the Speedball series for their warm colors. I am obsessed with their "Melon" color. Their formula is thicker as well, so I don't have to apply as many coats which saves me time and money.


Dirty Girl Pottery Bat System

Dirty Girl Bat System 

This bat system will help you save tons on space. I don't have this model, but my bat system is very similar and currently out of production. So when I get a new one, this is on my list. You can keep so many more pots right on the bat without taking up extra shelf space. Also this company is woman-designed, which I love!






Shimpo Banding Wheel Used for Handbuilding and Decorating Ceramics

Shimpo Banding Wheel 

I have to admit I don't own one of these yet, but it is definitely on my wishlist (friends and fam take note). This tool will save your back from twisting and turning when decorating or handbuilding with clay. This one has good weight to it and spins smoothly to make seeing all angles of your project easy and fun! I've used these are the studio I work at and loved it.